Landscaping Your Front Yard For Curb Appeal


You love your house, and you probably want visitors and passersby to appreciate it, too. That comes with curb appeal. Keeping the house itself in a good state of repair is a good start. However, the landscaping leading up to the house also has implications for curb appeal. Make over your front yard to best show off your home. Attend to the Path As with the house's exterior, your first step should be ensuring the path is in good repair.

18 August 2016

Mow Like A Pro: Simple Mowing Solutions To Improve The Look Of Your Lawn


Maintaining your home can be overwhelming, but it is an important aspect in maintaining your investment. While washing your exterior and cleaning the interior are most likely priorities, you should also focus on your landscape. Considering landscaping increases your home's curb appeal and overall value by 5 to 20 percent, maintaining your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds is smart. Thankfully, improving your landscape design by concentrating on your lawn is a great place to start.

8 April 2016