Effectively Aerating Your Lawn


Watering, mowing and fertilizing are the most common types of lawn care maintenance that people will need to complete. However, there are other steps that are also necessary to maintain a thriving lawn, such as aerating the soil.

Aerating The Soil Can Be Essential For Maintaining A Healthy Lawn

Aerating the soil can help to keep it loose enough for the roots of the grass to grow through it as well as for water to filter through it. Unfortunately, failing to aerate the soil every year or two can lead to the rate of growth for your grass decreasing. In extreme cases, the grass may even start thinning in the areas where the soil is the most compact. Aerating will remove small plugs of soil so that it will loosen without causing serious damage to the grass or contributing to excess erosion.

Turf Aerators Are Fairly Easy To Operate For Those With Riding Mowers

While it is possible to hire professional services to aerate your lawn, this is not necessary due to the availability of tow behind turf aerators. These tools can be attached to most riding lawn mowers and tractors, which will make it easy for property owners to aerate their own lawns. Before starting this process, the length of the spikes that are attached to the aerator should be adjusted to ensure that they penetrate at least a couple of inches into the soil. Otherwise, the results of the aeration may not be as effective as you were hoping. If your lawn is particularly hilly, you will need to take extra care to ensure that these spikes will be able to provide even performance across the entire lawn. Otherwise, portions of the lawn may not be fully aerated, which could significantly reduce the benefits this work provides to your grass.

Allow The Plugs From The Aeration Process To Breakdown

After you aerate the lawn, there will be a number of small plugs of soil left on the surface of the lawn. Property owners may be tempted to try and collect or otherwise remove these plugs from the surface of the ground. However, this is typically not advised as these plugs can contain nutrient-rich soil, and allowing them to break down naturally can avoid the risk of the aeration process removing a large amount of nutrients from the soil. Luckily, these plugs will break down very quickly, and this will be accelerated when you mow the lawn as the blades of the mower can break up these plugs of soil. Look into a company like Sweep-All for more details.


9 March 2022

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