3 Reasons To Use Gravel For Landscape Paving


If you want new walkways or patio areas in your yard, then consider using gravel for the paving material. It provides several benefits when compared to concrete and similar solid paving methods.

1. Better Drainage

Drainage in the landscape can be an ongoing issue for many homeowners. Increasing the paved area on the property can make drainage issues worse because the water becomes trapped on the surface. Water ponding on concrete or asphalt paths and patios can cause these materials to break down into disrepair much more quickly.

Gravel patios and walkways are naturally porous. When combined with a sand base topped by a geotextile fabric to block weed growth, moisture can still seep down into the ground and enter the groundwater supply unimpeded. You end up with dry paths and patios with minimal standing water issues.

2. Installation Ease

Ease of installation is a big reason to go with gravel for landscape paving. Unlike concrete, you don't need to install any forms to shape the paved area. The only skills necessary are the abilities to wield a shovel and rake.

The process is simple - the area to be paved is dug out to a depth of several inches and then filled in halfway with sand. The sand is compacted and then a landscape fabric is laid down to prevent weeds in the gravel. Finally, the gravel is delivered and poured on top of the fabric. Rake it until it is smooth and level, and then you are done. You can realistically finish a gravel paving project within a day.

3. Simple Maintenance

Once installed, gravel requires very little ongoing maintenance. Periodic hosing down to remove dust and raking to level it will help keep it looking like new. As long as the area is edged, you won't have to worry too much about gravel traveling outside of the desired area. You can use a leaf blower to remove dead plant debris that ends up on top of the gravel.

Weeds can be a minor problem in gravel. Just take care to pull them while they're small, before they root through the landscape fabric and sand. Non-selective herbicides also work well, or you can kill weeds by pouring boiling water on them.

If a gravel patio or gravel paths seem like the right option for your yard, then schedule a delivery today. Gravel delivery is much simpler than trying to transport and carry the gravel to your landscaping site on your own.

To learn more, contact a gravel delivery service.


26 May 2021

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