It's A Great Time For Landscaping


If you've been to nurseries, you've probably seen many people already shopping for plants and other garden necessities. What might have been different was that people were keeping a distance from each other, and many were wearing face masks.

During this current health crisis, you might be one of many individuals who has found that being outside is a wonderful break from staying cooped up at home. If you already know just how you want to landscape your front and back yard, go for it. If you're looking for ideas, here are some that might help you to have your prettiest gardens yet.

Start With Fertilizing - While it's probably more fun to pick out gorgeous flowers and other plants that will be part of your landscaping, think of what you'll need for fertilizing your lawn and those beautiful plants. 

If the products you used in the past worked well for you, it's natural that you'll buy the same fertilizing products again. However, maybe you have known that your lawn could be greener if it was nourished with a different kind of fertilizer. Make sure that your lawn fertilizer has nitrogen, phosphates, and potassium in the mixture. 

  1. Lawn fertilizer is affordable and easy to apply. Following the directions on the container will make it hard to use it incorrectly. 
  2. The right fertilizer won't just nourish your grass; it will also help to prevent things like grubs from damaging your lawn.
  3. Remember that lawn fertilizer is not made for all your plants. For instance, too much nitrogen on your rose bushes might not produce many blooms.

Ask a lawn fertilizing company for advice if you want to learn more.

Be Consistent - Besides applying fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, consider adding more throughout the summer months. When summer is about to come to an end and the grass will be dormant for the winter, think about applying a final treatment of fertilizer that will keep the grass healthy while it rests.

Setting a schedule for when you're going to do things like water the lawn and your plants might help you to be more consistent about caring for your lawn and the other plants that are part of your landscaping. For instance, you probably already know that early morning and late evening are good times to water everything in your gardens. Choose another time, like Saturday morning, to pluck dead flowers off the bushes and to do things like shape hedges. 


31 March 2020

how to garden when you have limited space

My family enjoys eating produce of all kinds. Last year, we decided to grow our own produce during the summer to try to save some money on our grocery bill for the year. Our one problem that we had to find the solution for was making the most of the limited space that we have to grow a garden. This blog will show you how to grow a garden full of delicious produce even if you don't have a nice, big yard to use to create it. Hopefully, our experiences will help you find out how to garden when you have limited space.