Types Of Landscape Lighting You May Want To Add Home Security And Beauty To Your Property


Landscape lighting makes your property safer at night and it also adds an element of beauty. Lights illuminate and create shadows, so you can create artistry with light. There are many types of landscape lights and you can power them in different ways. Here are some options.

Solar-Powered Lights

The easiest landscape lights to install are ones with solar power that don't need wiring hookups. These often come on stakes you push in the ground that have a solar collector on top to power the lights. You can also mount solar lights on the side of your house or anywhere else light reaches the solar collector plate. If the area around your house doesn't have much shade, then solar lights are ideal, plus they are easy enough to install that you can do it yourself.

Electric-Powered Landscape Lighting

If there is a lot of shade near your house, then electric-powered lights are a better option. You can line a driveway or walkway with these lights or mount them near your foundation. An electrician can install the wires and cables needed to run power from an outdoor outlet to the rows of lights. These lights are more expensive to install, but you can always depend on them to work as long as your power doesn't go out.

Battery-Operated Landscape Lights

If you want light in shady areas but you don't want to pay for an electrician to install them, then battery-operated lights might be the solution. You can buy small puck lights to line a patio deck or motion-detection spotlights to act as security lighting. The drawback to battery-powered lighting is that you have to change or recharge the batteries often to keep them working. However, if you opt for motion detection lights that only turn on when movement is detected rather than shine all night, the batteries will last a long time. Some of these lights have the ability to switch from motion-detecting to fully on in case you want the lights to stay on for an outdoor night party.

Gas-Powered Lighting

Outdoor gas lighting is usually an expensive option, and installation is complicated. You'll need to have the lights hooked up to your gas lines by a plumber. They also take more effort to use since you have to light the flames manually. However, you may think the effort is worth it to have the look of real dancing flames around your patio or your front entrance.

You may find you need to mix the types of landscape lighting you install to match your needs and to create the effect you want. Whether your yard is in full sun or shade all day, when the sun sets, and your landscape lights come on, your yard takes on an entirely new look.


28 December 2019

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