Mow Like A Pro: Simple Mowing Solutions To Improve The Look Of Your Lawn


Maintaining your home can be overwhelming, but it is an important aspect in maintaining your investment. While washing your exterior and cleaning the interior are most likely priorities, you should also focus on your landscape. Considering landscaping increases your home's curb appeal and overall value by 5 to 20 percent, maintaining your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds is smart. Thankfully, improving your landscape design by concentrating on your lawn is a great place to start. Using these tips to mow you lawn like a professional, you can improve the look of your lawn and overall landscape design.

Sharpen Blades

Whether you are using a push mower or a riding lawn mower,  the blades must be sharp and in good condition. Dull, rusty blades not only cause uneven cuts in your lawn, but can also weaken and damage the grass, preventing your lawn from being healthy, green, and lush.

During mowing seasons, consider having your blades sharpened twice. Bring your mower to a professional that has experience sharpening blades and servicing your mower. However, if you feel comfortable, you can sharpen your own blade, as well.

To get started, remove the spark plug from the mower. This will ensure the mower does not start accidentally while removing the blade. Next, tilt the mower on its side, so you can reach the blade on the bottom. Use a wrench to remove the bolt or nut from the middle of the lawnmower blade, spinning the blade counterclockwise to remove.

If the blade is rusty or discolored, replace with a new blade. If it is dull, sharpen by placing it into a vise to secure it into position before moving a filing tool over the edges multiple times. If you prefer a more efficient way to sharpen, use a grinder tool on the blade.

Mow Evenly

Mowing in an uneven, haphazard design makes your lawn appear messy and unappealing. By moving the mower in an even manner around your lawn, you can efficiently trim your grass while making it appear professionally done.

Mow your lawn in straight lines that are parallel to your house. Make sure the wheels of your mower line up in a straight, even manner, creating a clean, neat, and even look in your lawn. While this may take some time to master, creating straight, even lines in your grass will be worth the effort.

Maintaining your landscaping does not have to be challenging. With these simple solutions, you can mow your lawn like a professional, increasing the curb appeal and value of your home. For more ionrmation, contact a company like Chenango Supply Co Inc.


8 April 2016

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