Fixing Leaf Drop In Potted Jasmine Plants From Overwatering


Many people feel that one of the best things about the summer season is the smell of jasmine planted in pots around their backyard.  However, if you're going into this season with a lot of rain, you may find that the leaves in your jasmine plant fall off easily, leaving your plant looking thin and sickly. If this is something that you are noticing, it's time to repot your jasmine.

Step 1: Collect Some Gardening Supplies and Tools

  • a bigger pot (as many as needed for your amount of plants)
  • handheld garden trowel
  • garden hose
  • potting soil
  • handheld pruning shears
  • gardening gloves

Step 2: Remove the Jasmine Plant From the Pot

Put on your gloves and grab the trowel. Break up the excess soil and remove it from the pot. This shouldn't be too difficult since the soil is soggy because it is too wet. Gently tug the plant out at a comfortable but easy pace, so you do not cause further damage to the roots.

Step 3: Remove the Soil From the Roots

Once the plant is removed and the root ball is exposed, quickly rinse the roots with the garden hose. Put on your reading glasses if needed, and inspect the roots. Be sure to rinse completely, so that you have a good view of the entire root system.

Step 4: Clip Off Damaged Roots

Look for black, mushy or overly soft roots. Using the handheld garden shears to cut off the rotten roots slightly above the damaged areas. Take the time to inspect each root while you have the plant exposed, so you can help it be the healthiest it can possibly be.

Step 5: Repot With New Soil

Fill your new pot to about a quarter of the way from the top with potting soil. Then place the root ball into the soil and cover with more potting soil. Fertilize with the fertilizer your landscaper recommends and water. Remember to water lightly if rain is in the forecast later that day.

Create a new watering schedule and have patience. The plant can take up to a few weeks to acclimate to its new home. Remember that jasmine can be picky and needs the right balance of sunshine and water. So, if your area is still expecting a lot of rain, try to move the plant indoors, or to a covered patio area until the threat of rain for the day has passed. Ask a landscaping company like McDonald Garden Center for help if you still have problems with leaf drop on your jasmine plant.


30 July 2015

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